High Availability,
Bare Metal
Stake Pool Cluster

High Availability Stake Pool Cluster with multiple built in redundancies for best possible performance. Each Node deployed on separate Bare Metal server located in datacenters. Five relays using low latency connections for best possible block propagation.

Fully monitored for 24/7 availability,
managed by professionals with years of experience

Telemetry monitoring accomplished using professional grade tools and mobile phone event notifications. Multiple redundant Passive Nodes always ready to automatically take over block production.

All Nodes deployed in data centers,
benefiting from professional grade infrastructure

Stake Pools deployed in Data Centers, benefit from high bandwidth, redundant internet connectivity, redundant power supply systems and other enterprise grade solutions. Any data center has its own technical staff looking for operational continuity 24/7.

Proven track record
from ITN

One of the most successful Stake Pool Cloud Clusters on ITN network, as per PoolTool.io statistics

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